For skin that is smooth and hair-free, electrolysis is the only proven method for permanent hair removal. The electrolysis process destroys the follicles ability to produce hair, leaving a lasting answer to unwanted hair, whether it be on the brow, upper lip, chin, underarm, bikini line, or elsewhere.

Electrolysis, both an art and a skill, can only be perfected with years of experience, and a clinician's experience should be considered when choosing a provider. A consultation with Stephanie Ganske, RN will help determine the number of treatments needed to achieve optimal results. The number of sessions can vary depending on current and previous methods of hair removal, the amount to be removed, and coarseness of the hair.

Contact Stephanie Ganske at Clinical Aesthetics to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation.

Treatment Fees
10 MINUTES $35
15 MINUTES $40
20 MINUTES $47
30 MINUTES $60
45 MINUTES $75
60 MINUTES $90




● "I have been very happy with my results and the care Stephanie has provided. It has been a great feeling to know there are places I will never have to shave again." J. B.

● "You're so thorough and my results are great. I will continue to drive from Kansas City as I trust no one else." - C. W.

● "I no longer have to worry about may hair being seen in the sunlight. I wish I would have done this years ago!" J. T.

● "I've been so happy with the results I've had since starting electrolysis. Stephanie is so precise and so careful with my skin." J. Y.

● "I am so glad that I came to Stephanie. I've had electrolysis performed by other electrologists and there's no comparison. I'm so pleased with my results." M.K.